Drag & Drop not working?

I can’t seem to drag & drop in the binder or the corkboard (or anywhere!) Not sure why and can’t see any explanation as to why this might be happening?
The only way I can re-arrange documents is through the document/move tab.
Apologies if this is something simple but your help would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve seen a few recent reports of drag and drop ceasing to work—usually a simple reboot fixes the problem. My guess is some of Apple’s newer mouse/trackpad drivers have bugs.

The other thing to consider is to make sure you are dropping into a location that Scrivener accepts. For example, if you are trying to drag a PDF file into your Draft folder, you will find that the drop is refused—however you can still drag and drop, the PDF will be ghosted on the mouse pointer while holding down the button and all that, it’s just that when you let go, the drop is refused. You can put PDFs anywhere but in the Draft folder however.

If a reboot doesn’t work, and you’re not moving invalid file types in the Binder, could you describe in more detail what you are seeing. Does the mouse pointer change shape when you click? Are items “picked up” by the mouse when you click? Does drag and drop work anywhere on the system? Etc.

Oh, one other thing to watch for is if you have any software that makes use of the Mac’s accessibility features to manipulate windows. BetterTouchTool, Zooom, BetterSnapTool and others would fall into this category. If you use a utility to make your mouse usage more powerful, it could be the culprit. Try restarting it when the problem appears, and check for updates to make sure the version you are running is rated to run on your particular version of OS X.

The reboot did it - why did I not think of that? Groan!! Thank you

I’ve had this problem too. I can confirm that a reboot fixes it, but I’ve also–in a decidedly unscientific survey of family members–traced it down (we think) to high relative humidity. We could remember no incidences on dry days, but when it’s dripping wet, drag & drop not only doesn’t work reliably; it also develops a malevolent mind of its own.

What mouse do you have? I used to find that the little ball on an Apple Mouse would stick and prevent scrolling. Fine dust would get it in and alter the rotation of the ball. Cleaning it helped. Since changing to a Magic Mouse I’ve had no problems at all (whether with drag and drop in Scrivener or any application). Although occasional crud from the mouse mat adheres to the rails and makes the mouse stick. Computer mice need the same diligent care and hygiene as real ones; they need cleaning on a regular basis.

(I used a non-branded camera lens cleaning spray to clean up those old Apple Mouses. Put a drop on the little ball move it in every direction and the dust would come out. Save buying a new one everytime.)

I’m using an Apple trackpad, mostly. I speculate that its finger-capacitance fluctuates with the hygrometer–or perhaps it’s the fingers that change.

Good grief. You learn something new here every day. :slight_smile: