Drag function for Inspector column stopped working


I don’t know what I pressed, but yesterday, I stopped being able to drag keywords and references into the inspector column and now can only enter them manually (a drag).

Is there a solution???


Where are you dragging the keywords from, the Project Keywords panel?


Actually, it’s many things that are now “undraggable.” For instance, I can’t click and drag a file in the binder into another folder in the binder or a reference from the binder into the “reference” tab in the inspector. And, yes, before I was referring to dragging a keyword from the keyword panel into the inspector. I can’t drag keywords in the keyword panel now at all (including within the panel).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Does this problem persist after a restart of the application, and if so, how about a system reboot? Have you noticed drag and drop issues in any other programs on the Mac? This sounds to me more like a general overall problem if dragging isn’t working everywhere. If rebooting doesn’t work, I’d investigate third-party software conflicts. The easiest way to do that is to log out of your account (no need to fully reboot), then log back in and hold the Shift key down immediately after logging in, until you are into the system. This is a “safe mode” start up that disables background programs from running. Try running Scrivener with no other software running, and see if it still fails.

Some general questions:

  • What version of OS X are you using
  • How old is the Mac (roughly or specifically)
  • Is it a laptop, and if so does it have one of the newer glass trackpads (even if you plug in a mouse and use that instead)

… or is the battery in your mouse/trackpad running low? That might do it too.

I feel silly that the solution was so simple. But, all it took to fix this was to close and restart Scriviner.

Thanks for the help and next time I’ll try the simplest solution first!