Drag Link from Header to Reference

There’s probably a very good reason why this won’t work, but I find I am constantly trying to drag a document title from the editor header to another document’s references or into a document to create a Scrivener Link, the same as can be done by dragging the document from the Binder. I know I can do a “reveal in binder” and get it that way, but even knowing that I still keep determinedly going for that header bar first and then doing the forehead slap. It’s probably because I never go the other direction–I have never found it necessary or easier to drag a document from the binder into the editor header bar to open it rather than just clicking the document in the binder–so I just remember something about dragging and something about the header and say to myself, but of course, it is so that I can create links so easily, just as I want! But it is not. :slight_smile:

Is there a better way, and is there a reason why dragging from the header can’t work? I suspect sadly that there is, or it would already exist, but just in case it’s on my wishlist.

(Also, wiki-style links are still totally awesome. It’s just a different scenario which makes them not useable here.)

The editor header comprises a menu button (the icon) and a text field (the title), neither of which are draggable. It would take a lot of complicated overriding of NSTextField and NSPopUpButton to try to get them to drag data out of them.

Ah well, I figured it was something like that. Thank you for explaining.