Drag object out of binder to Desktop

Not sure if this is already possible. I add many different types of docs into my binder, PDF, GIF, PNG, etc. Sometimes, I need to get a file out, but I can’t seem to just drag it back out to the desktop. I see an option to export and to open in external viewer, but a quick drag and drop to desktop or directly to another app would be nice. Not sure if it’s a limitation of the OS. Thanks!

Yeah, that is unfortunately a limitation that we haven’t found a way around yet. Text files can be dragged out as .textclipping type files, which are useful as reference text but not as editable files. As you note, selecting the items and hitting Shift-Cmd-E to export them is the best way to do this.

The drag & drop works when you drop in an open document like a textedit window for instance.
Your .textclipping files becomes editable the same way.