Drag onto Synopsis lost

If you have a Synopsis on which you have a line of info and then you drag stuff onto it and then you hit the back button to, for example go back to a cork-board of a chapter, your dragged info is lost. If you hit the forward button it sadly ain’t there!

Also no spell check in Synopsis I think. I would love the Google Chrome type of inline spell checking.

EDIT: should have said the solution is to type a character after the dragged material.
EDIT: Oh it is worse - if I change the end of the Synopsis in Inspector and then go back also lost. I think if you edit Synopsis in Inspector WITHOUT putting focus back on the Editor pane and then go Back you lose your edit. Bit dodgy. Also how about Ctrl+Z in Synopsis - would be helpful.

PS Sorry for the absence - domestic time now back in the saddle.

OK this is worse - even if you have focus back on doc it is lost - I THINK you have to drag and then edit the synop or you lose it. … on page 44 finishing at 57…

FYI I know know how this works. If you drag and move away you lose the drag. But, after you drag, if you copy something or write something on the Synopsis it behaves as you would expect and your dragged info is still there. After about 20 hours doing this I am STILL losing dragged stuff occasionally but not as often.

EDIT: Hmm still not clear even if I go back to the edit pane and do something there the dragged stuff is gone - v big PITA and losing me lots of time and causing mucho frustration.


Thanks Steve, I’ve checked this out a bit and am letting Lee know. The issue is that in some cases the text from the synopsis form isn’t being submitted. In a few cases I’ve found–back/forward in document history buttons, using the Go To menu, creating a new document–text typed directly in the synopsis in the inspector will be lost if it’s not specifically submitted first by hitting return (if you have return set to end editing, in the Navigation preferences) or by clicking elsewhere in the interface before you change documents. Dragging text is nastier, though, because the focus doesn’t move to the synopsis form field when you drag; it stays in the editor. So you need to specifically click in the synopsis field before changing documents in order for it to stick.

Until this behavior is adjusted, you might find it easier to use the Auto-Populate Synopsis button, in the right of the synopsis header, to add your selected text to the synopsis, rather than dragging it. That submits it properly, and using the back/forward buttons, etc., won’t delete it.

Ah you are back … :slight_smile:

I have now done approx 180 synopses so getting to understand the limitations.

Basically I put in copy and make sure I have a couple of carriage returns at the end then it seems fine (I have the end edit with carriage return off).

I am GLAD you brought up auto populate… another problem for me. It is a great idea BUT you can only use it once or it replaces your previous bit. Surely it would make more sense to allow you to add to your Synopsis maybe starting on a new line. I speak as someone who has spent over 40 hours making them.

Hope you are well and happy

Steve (on page 192 out of 220 but stopping cause I feel woozie!)