drag out a PDF copy?

I searched for this on the forum, but couldn’t find an answer - is it possible to drag out a PDF that is stored in a Scrivener file? I know, I can view it in the file packet, but I use Scrivener as my main depository for PDFs that are related to a certain project, and would like to be able to drag out a copy of it onto the desktop, or into an email or Mellel document. It’s probably already implemented, but I haven’t figured it out.

BTW, I contacted the guy who programmed myNotes and he made his notes now drag and drop compatible with Scrivener (or any other RTF-based program).

Thanks for your help in advance!


Seems like you cannot, but you can use Open in External Editor (in the View menu, in the contextual menu, and via the key-command Command-Control-o) to open the pdf in Preview (if that’s your PDF viewer). Then, either use “Save as…”, or option-drag the small icon next to the title of the PDF in the menu bar to the place in the Finder you’d like to put the file (you can use Command-Tab to switch to the Finder while you are dragging).


Yep, that’s what I feared. Thanks for clearing that up!

Also, the wonderful program, Yep, which I recommended in another thread
(yepthat.com), will allow you to extract any pdf from anywhere, as well as to
create pdfs by dragging and dropping into it. Worth looking into.

Hope this helps,


Additionally, from Scrivener you can “export” PDFs by using the Export Files option (as opposed to Export Draft). This will export whatever is currently selected in the Binder–including media files.

I actually love Yep and have it integrated into my work flow. I usually have one copy of the PDFs that I have in Yep (in addition to copies in other places), but often I have some files I just keep in my Scrivener document, and the wonderful thing about Scrivener is that it has eliminated so many other little programs and I can just stay within it. I use it for pretty much all my projects (not just writing related), so the PDF function would be extremely useful for me.

I guess I’m not understanding the problem. When I drag a pdf into Scrivener, a copy is made, the original is still in my Finder folder. What am I missing? Or am I missing what is going on within Scrivener?

No, what I am asking is to use Scrivener as a PDF depository. I would like to create a copy of the file stored in Scrivener by dragging it (the PDF file in Scrivener) into an email, or a file, or onto the desktop.

Oh, ok, now I understand the question (I think). Why don’t you just print to a PDF file?

It’s just easier to use the original copy (especially multiple page PDFs). The printed version of the PDF bloats the size of a PDF in Mac OS quite a bit and then I have to deal with pages and what not.

I had no idea. Ok, nice.


File > Export. This was posted in Wish List too.