drag out a PDF copy

It would be tremendously helpful to be able to drag out a PDF stored in a Scrivener file onto the desktop, or into a file or email. It works so well for import - would it be very difficult to implement it for export as well?

I agree that this would be a convenient. (Though I suppose dragging to the desktop should just yield a copy of the pdf, though, not pull it out of Scriv.)

Currently, I accomplish the task by control-clicking the pdf in the binder, choosing Open in External Editor, then use Save As… from Adobe Acrobat. Shortest way I know.


Or you could try an application like FinderPop. It lets you quickly navigate through packages such as application packages or .scriv files via contextual menu, grab things from inside, and copy/move them to other locations.

Rummaging around in the package would not work very well in this case, since all of the files associated with a project have only numerical file names (aka are for internal consumption only)–so you would be hard-pressed to know which pdf in there was which.


Use File > Export. There are a lot of issues with dragging out of the app.