Drag Text To Corkboard, New Card

I often use the a folder kept in Research as a sort of notebox where I keep quotes/paraphrases I have taken from articles, etc. Inside this folder may be other folders organized by topic, article, etc. Typically I’ll view an article (or whatever) in one of the split panes (or in full screen on a second monitor) and have either the other split screen or, if I’m using a second monitor, the whole of one screen, in Corkboard view of my “notebox” folder, or a folder contained in it. When I come to a portion of text in the article I’m reading that I want to quote or later paraphrase in some way I’ll drag the text into my notebox folder in the binder, where of course it creates a new text document, where I then make notes or links or whatever, and note the page and article I pulled the text from. This is great. The problem is that sometimes I have lots of folders or documents in the binder, and I have to scroll to the folder where I want to drop the text. Or, if I don’t have to navigate, I at least have to aim carefully when dragging, and sometimes the folder expands when I don’t really want it to.

What I wish is to be able to have my notebox folder open in corkboard view, and be able to drag text from the article into the corkboard, rather than the binder, and have a new text document (and notecard) created from the dragged text. This would save me a good deal of time. So, sometime in the future, after the feature freeze, if this is something possible, I’d love it.

1.1 is fantastic, by the way.