Drag to desktop??

Hello all. One of the features I make use of quite a bit in my Windows computer is dragging a file onto my desktop, which I can then use in Dropbox without worrying about project sync issues. However, when I drag a file onto the desktop in Mac, I get a link, not an exported file. :frowning:

I have searched forums and documentation, and can’t find info on this topic. Is there a quick setting I can change to allow me to drag/export a file or selected files, as in Windows? Or is this a Mac “feature” that can’t be changed? :confused:

Are you talking about dragging files from the project binder into Finder windows or the Desktop background? That’s never been possible for me (copies or aliases alike), are you using a Finder replacement?

Yes, dragging from binder to desktop background. This is possible in windows, and I do it all the time-- it makes quick work of exporting an rtf copy of the file, which I can work in, and then drag back into the binder, sending the original file to the trash. Sounds like it can’t be done in Mac. :frowning:

Yeah it’s never been easy to do that kind of thing with Mac software unfortunately. I agree it would be nice to avoid the Shift-Cmd-E route for simple exports.

Oh well, you did just give me a quick keyboard shortcut, that I might have been too thick-skulled to substitute. :unamused: Thank you. :slight_smile: