Drag URLs onto the Reference folder


I’ve been playing with Scrivener for a few days and I’m very impressed. I’ve looked at several programs in this general space and never found one that seemed to add anything substantial to what I already use (Yojimbo, Word, Final Draft) but your program is hugely impressive for 1.0 – it’s elegant and thoughtful, and helpfully priced, so that I’ll almost certainly buy a license when the demo runs out.

In the meantime, of course, I have a request :slight_smile: … the ability to keep web archives in the Ref folder is very important and welcome, but the import mechanism seems clunkier than the rest of the program. Ideally, one wouldn’t need to go through a dialogue, nor specify a name for the page (it’s is in the HTML after all – though the ability to rename it is still important). How feasible would it be to accept URLs dragged straight onto the Ref folder (from the Safari address bar and so on)?

In an ideal world Scrivener would accept several of these at once – and download the pages in the background instead of locking you out of the window until it was done.

Thanks again for your work on this. I’m looking forward to playing some more and hope it ends up being a program I use for a long time.

Okay, I now see from another message that this is possible with Camino (minus the auto-naming). But it doesn’t work with Safari. I hope that the fact that the functionality is basically there means that fixing it to work with drags from other browsers is merely a bug fix? :wink:

Hi, and thanks for the kind words about Scrivener. I think this issue is in the FAQ, but basically, it’s not really a Scrivener bug. Scrivener accepts URLs in the standard Cocoa way, but not all browsers put the info on the pasteboard in this manner - for some reason, even Safari doesn’t put it on the pasteboard as one would expect.
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When you drag Web addresses from Safari to the Desktop, they have the name of the html window and .webloc extension, not the URL

Literature and Latte – Post a reply.webloc

is the result for this URL:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … 42af4da807

And I guess there’s no way for Scrivener to see the URL?

Thanks for the prompt reply, and apologies for missing the info in the FAQ. How strange: Yojimbo (Bare Bones sw) certainly handles it; perhaps they found a workaround. I’d offer to ask them how myself but I wouldn’t understand the answer if I got one.