DragDrop or not

The editor has a “feature” known as drag and drop editing. You highlight some text, then click on the highlight and drag the text to a new location.

I am in the process of editing my book. I highlight sections to show my live-in editor-in-chief, but sometimes I inadvertently drag the cursor, which of course moves the text. Especially when we are having, um, discussions about how the book is written. (I have my computer hooked up to my TV)

Is there a place I can turn off drag/drop editing?


I doubt that it’s possible to turn that off (but I don’t know for certain; perhaps someone will have an idea). Failing that, I presume you use Ctrl+Z (or Edit > Undo) to reverse the drag-and-drop. What if you were to highlight using the keyboard rather than the mouse (hold down Shift and use cursor-movement keys)? That might at least make it harder to have accidental drags-and-drops.

I went through the entire preferences set and I did not see it.

I use the mouse for highlighting, and yes I also had to use UNDO to restore the inadvertent changes.

To me DragDrop is the worst idea to ever be foisted on editors. I have turned it off in every program I can.

Then I forget, and dammit the text is cut and pasted just because I moved the mouse.

Turning it off should be a simple thing, add a checkbox in the editor preferences, then test for it when the move is initiated.

One can hope…