Dragged text is not highlighted after move.

I select some text in a long document (with more text than is visible on a single screen), and drag it to another place on the same page. The text is moved correctly, but it is no longer highlighted, and Scriv has moved the page view (up or down), so that I now have to scan the whole page to find where I was working. It would be helpful if the moved text remained highlighted.

I’ve made a note on keeping the dropped text selected, but I’m not quite sure what you’re describing with the page scrolling. After dropping the text you should still be viewing the area where you made the drop, with the insertion point just after the moved text; is that not what you’re seeing?

Well, I can’t reproduce this now. I’ll report back here if I do. :confused:

This has bugged me so much I have finally done some screen shots to illustrate the problem.

HIghlight some text, drag it further down the document and this is the result:

The page has moved - what was at the top is now further down the page. And because the text that is moved is no longer highlighted, it’s all too easy to lose track of it completely.

And here is the same problem in the Inspector.
Text is selected…

…and then drag-and-dropped:

Okay, thanks, I’ve got it now. It happens if you include the carriage return in the selection you’re dragging. I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug without that, but I do get it consistently with the return.

Was this scrolling bug ever fixed? I’m still getting a problem where, on a long document, if I highlight a paragraph of text and drag it somewhere else, then the area of the document viewed changes. Every time it happens I need to scroll through the document again to find where I’m working.