Dragging and dropping binder files

Is it just me, or does 035 make it a lot more difficult to drag and drop things into folders in the binder?

I used to be able to drag and drop things easily without even thinking about it; but now, I can’t figure out how to put something into a folder that doesn’t already have something in it yet. Dropping something on to something else makes it a sibling of that thing, rather than a child of that thing.

Am I going crazy? Or has the drag-and-drop behavior really changed?

Because I never thought about it before – it seemed to work intuitively. Now I find myself constantly wrestling and arguing with it.

To put something in a folder with nothing else in it, you wait til the black circle disappears then let go of the mouse to get the document in.

I never had problems with the other method myself but the black lines do help with locating where you’re putting something but the new method is a bit counterintuitive when it comes to adding subdocuments. It takes far too long waiting for the circle to disappear before you can add a subdoc. I much prefer the immediacy of the other method.

This is something Lee is trying out, and it will be dropped if users don’t like it.
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Don’t like it either. When I try to move a text file in between two others, it wants to make it subordinate to the first one, not in between them. Not as intuitive as previously.

Just dropping in to say that I must prefer the old drag/drop method as well. I think I understand the idea behind the update and how it’s supposed to help, but it’s clunky, slow, and ultimately too frustrating to want to deal with.

Just adding my two cents to vote against the new way of doing it.

Okay, this one’s been driving me crazy all evening.
Are we not allowed to add jpgs?
It doesn’t give the option for importing or dragging and dropping into folders.
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I love to put pix in my binder.
Any ideas?

You should be able to import or drag and drop .jpg files into your binder, anywhere except into the Draft folder (which is text-only, since that’s intended for compile and only text can compile). You can also embed images into any text files anywhere in your binder, depending what you’re after. Are you getting any error messages when you try to drag in a .jpg?

Am new to this and never saw the old method, but imho it takes too long for the dot to appear, and it’s not big enough when it does.

The 035 experimental code for the binder drag and drop was an attempt to make things a bit clearer visually and to enable more precise drops, but this has been pretty much entirely revamped for the next release and is much clearer and simpler; the dot and the the timed aspect of dropping into containers has gone.