Dragging and dropping binder items

I find that dragging and dropping items in the binder can require a level of precision that is difficult to achieve.

Dragging an item to drop it into a folder is not a problem. But trying to drag and drop an item in between two other items is hit and miss.

After dragging and positioning it so the line indicates the desired drop position, in the time it takes to verify that it is in fact in the correct position and then lift my finger to perform the drop, the indicator will typically “fall over” into either the item above or below.

I used to think it was a peculiarity of my old and slow Windows 7 laptop, but now, working on a new W8.1, I get the same behavior.

I’m using a touchpad, not a mouse.

Is there some technique I haven’t mastered?

I don’t experience the same thing when, e.g., dragging and dropping in Explorer.


If we can get rid of that shift in the drop-zone you’re describing, we will; it’s something we’re aware of but haven’t been able to improve yet with the tools we have. You should see the change happen before you drop, with the item selected rather than the bar between, so just shifting the cursor up or down slightly will get you back to the single line for the correct drop area. Dragging a little to one side of the binder, rather than right over the titles, might help you see the zone more clearly; I tend to do that so the cursor and ghost image aren’t obstructing the view.

Dragging in Explorer is rather different, in that you can’t have an arbitrary arrangement or drop items onto a file to make it a container. There’s no “between” drop; it’s just moving items from one folder to another. Scrivener’s drop onto a container works the same, highlighting the container, but since you can also move items into any order you want or drop onto a file, there’s greater complexity. With the framework update happening for the next major version, we should be able to simplify this by adding a modifier key to hold while dragging that will prevent dropping onto a non-container item.

Until then, remember you can also use the Ctrl+Up/Down/Right/Left keys to move items in the binder, or the Move To command.

Thanks, MM, for the reply and the detailed explanation. Glad to know it’s not just me.

I normally do use Ctrl-Up/DownLeft/Right for moving (though I’ve customized that to Shift+Alt instead, since Ctrl+L/R/U/P is so common in regular text editing.) In this case, I was moving from fairly deep in one folder, to another outside folder, and dragging seemed a more direct way than using the keyboard, where moving past a parent node can get tricky.

Would love to see an independent Undo option for binder changes, though I imagine that’s not a simple thing.

Thanks again.

Just chiming in with a mild but similar annoyance.

I like using Ctrl-Up/Down to move items around in the binder… but the binder stays static on the screen even if I’m moving a file or folder to a place that isn’t initially visible on the screen. That gets up my nose a little. It’d be neat if the binder would scroll up or down when I’m Ctrl-Upping my way past a ton of files.