Dragging documents between projects brings snapshots.

Simple to describe, maybe a nightmare to actually implement? In short, I would find it very useful if, when I dragged an object from Project A to Project B, that object and its snapshots moved with it. It would definitely be of use to anyone who has ever had to consolidate anything. Say you wrote a novella and six short stories, and wish to collect them into a book. Bringing all of the elements of these individual projects together into one book project would be useful, and part of that is prior versions. It is not the kind of thing one would do a lot of the time, but for those few times when you do need it, it would save a lot of headache.

If it is a programming nightmare though, I’ll understand if you say “Ni!”

Actually this shouldn’t be too difficult - and it is really an oversight, actually. I obviously just forgot to add the code that copies the snapshot file.
Added to the list for the next beta.