Dragging Documents into Folders in Corkboard

I can drag documents into folders easily in both the Binder and in Outliner, but so far it doesn’t seem to work in Corkboard, no matter how how carefully I position the card. Is it possible or is there some trick or sleight of hand that I’m missing?


PS. When I’m pushing ideas around to begin with, or looking at narrative sequencing later on, I love being able to work in Corkboard (or Outliner) in full screen (Binder and Inspector closed) and being able to jump straight to the relevant document to write some text by double-clicking on the document icon, and then jump straight back to the Corkboard again using the ‘Back’ arrow. This is an incredible time-saver. Thanks again, Keith for all these Mac-intuitive shortcuts.

No, you can’t do this in the corkboard - you can only drop between. You can drag index cards and drop them into folders in the binder, though. The reason I went this way is that I figured it would be too easy to accidentally drop an index card on another one rather than between it - more so than when dragging in the binder or outliner - and then the index card would seem to “disappear”. Whereas in the outliner and binder the dropped-on item expands to show the item that has been dropped, this isn’t really possible in the corkboard. Either the index card would seem to disappear altogether or Scrivener would have to drill down to its new level automatically making it appear that all of the other cards have disappeared. Also, if you could drop on in the corkboard, you would only have that narrow area between the cards to drop them inbetween - which would be the most frequent operation - but a much bigger area for dropping on (the whole card), which would normally be a less frequent requirement.

Thus, the outliner and binder are for hierarchical structuring and the corkboard is more for lateral restructuring and organisation.

Hope that makes sense - thanks for the compliments!

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Thanks Keith,

What you say makes a lot of sense. I started dragging stuff directly into the binder this morning and it’s just as quick as working directly in Corkboard.
I wanted to close the Binder as well as the Inspector, so as to have as big a Corkboard as possible while I’m at the ‘pushing-around-ideas’ stage. But seeing as I can already shrink the Binder and turn it on and off at will, life is not so bad.
We should be grateful with what we’ve got! I think one of the problems is that in the Mac world we’re so spoiled by having so many different ways of achieving the same objective (Thank God!) that it’s always tempting to look for something else.

Thanks again