Dragging file destination doesn't clear out existing text

Scrivener: 2.4.1 (22817)
OS: 10.7.5

(1) Open document, type text, select text, choose “Add Link…” (from Edit menu)

(2) Type some text into the link destination box.

(3) Drag a file from the Finder into the link destination box.

Expected: Old text to be removed and replaced with path to file when it is dropped in the editbox.

Actual: Previous text sticks around - the new file path is added wherever it was dropped.

If you drop the new filepath into the middle of the existing text, then you have to clean up the cruft at the beginning and end of the filepath.

Scenario: Updating a link to point to a new location. It would be nice if the new destination properly replaced the old one.

This is standard text field behaviour - you’ll see the same thing in TextEdit’s “Add/Edit Link…” box and other such fields across OS X, so this in’t a bug but standard OS X behaviour.