Dragging images from browser to Scrivener

Although I can drag web pages from Firefox directly into Scrivener, in order to drag images I need to drag them to the Finder first, then drag them again into Scrivener. (Then, of course, i have to clean the image out of the Finder location.)

Is there any workaround to this? This is extremely inconvenient for dragging dozens or hundreds of images at a time.


No, there’s no way of doing this currently but I have added this for 2.0.

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One idea that I just tested successfully is to create a new folder on the desktop and drag images directly into that folder (if I understand correctly what you mean by “images”).

Then you should be able to drag the folder directly into Scrivener and distribute the images from there. Finally, you could simply discard the folder that you created on the desktop.

I’m not sure this answers your need, but thought I would suggest it just in case.

Hope this helps;