Dragging / importing weblinks doesn't seem to work...

Hi there, not sure if this has been mentioned before (I searched on the forums but couldn’t find it.)

When I drag and drop links into Scrivener, the dialogue box opens, it seems to try to load the link, then nothing. It closes, no link in my Binder.

Equally with trying to import. I see the hyperlink, but Scrivener used to show the actual webpage.

I’m using workarounds, but it would be great if the original features were restored.

Thanks, guys. Loving the PC version otherwise :slight_smile:


Which version are you using? v. 1.9.9 or v. 3 beta 16?



I did notice the problem in the pre-Christmas version, but thought it’ll sort itself out eventually…

Working OK for me in I dragged this page from the address field token in Firefox into the Binder. And I dragged a couple of links from the page as well. In each case, Scriv generates a static MHT file (which takes a little time) and displays it properly.

Cheers - Jerome

Thanks so much for your reply. Don’t know what I did differently this time, but suddenly it worked :open_mouth:

I’m very grateful!

Any posts about the beta should go in the Beta Testing forum, where the devs will see them.