Dragging in binder

My current project organises the Manuscript as Chapters, each divided into sections.

I find that if I want to move a Chapter up in the Binder, it very easily drops into rather than between other Chapters. Is it my arthritic old fingers, or is Scrivener just a wee bit impatient about item insertion…?

Maybe a simple command to promote a selected folder/document in the Binder might be useful for rescuing material that has buried itself a level deeper than I like…

You can use the Documents > Move commands (and associated shortcuts) or use the tip given in both the tutorial and Help file: namely, hold down the Option key while dragging to prevent drop-ons for non-folder items.
Hope that helps.

I’d missed the Documents/Move command (pay attention at the back!), which does what I’m looking for.

But I find that even with the option key pressed, when I drag the chapter, the folder above which I want to insert it is over-eager to open its arms to receive it.

If I press the option (Alt?) key, should that prevent other folders from opening to receive…?

No, it just prevents documents allowing drop-on. If you mean folders actually opening, 2.0 will have the option to automatically close them again after the drag. Other than that, though, dragging works the same as anywhere else on OS X (the binder is just a regular Apple outline control).
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