Dragging in .rtf Table Produces Wonky Results

Hi L&L,
I’m trying to drag in an .rtf document that I composed in NisusWriter Pro. It’s a simple table with three columns, and an additional box above it. I wanted this to be a template file, so I can go across all my scenes applying this. However, every time I go to drag it in, the table’s format gets all wonky.

Please advise,


P.S. I suppose I can just compose the table within Scrivener, but I just thought you should know what’s happening. Thanks!

Hey All,

I simply went in and composed the template within Scrivener—and it was much easier to make a proper table than it is in any word processor!

Did you figure out what was weird with the original? If you tried remaking the table in NWP did it work the second time? I attempted to reproduce this by creating a table with a similar structure in NWP. I saved the file as RTF and dragged the file into the binder. I got a decent interpretation of the original table, all things considered.

Yours looks like there was some merging or splitting of cells, and at some point you ended up with a result that looks okay in NWP, but has some internal structure that the text engine didn’t know what to do with.

Hi Ioa,
All is well. Not sure what happened, must’ve been–as you said–hidden cell activity happening. Thanks so much!