Dragging onto Header Bar does not work anymore

Since 3.1.3 it is no longer possible to drag a document onto the header bar of a locked editor.

Thanks, we did make some changes to how locking works (mostly to open up additional ways of breaking it that make sense). It looks like that specific action got messed up though, as it should definitely be breaking through the lock.

I’ll see that it gets on the list.

I use this feature a lot, it is very convenient and makes a lot of sense.
Looking forward to seeing it working again.

It still does not work. 3.1.4 does not revert the bug that was introduced with the previous version. Sigh :unamused:

Here is the change log for 3.1.4.

Tnx. Does this mean that it won’t be fixed? I hope it still counts as a bug nevertheless.