Dragging out a Reference to file relocates the actual file?

No way can this be intentional. To verify, just create a file in a local folder, and drag it from Explorer into Document References. Now drag it from Doc Refs into another Explorer folder. The file itself has moved to the new folder, and the reference is gone from Doc Refs.

I’m pretty sure most users expect an entry in Document References or Project References to work like a Windows Shortcut, the relocation or deletion of which has no effect on the file to which it is linked.

I would like to retain the ability to drag entries out of reference panels in some form. For example, it would be a fine thing to be able to dump the doc refs from multiple documents into a common Windows folder, or their URLS into an editor such as KompoZer. But I’m not thereby attempting to remove the reference, and certainly not to drag the actual file around. Hope you’ll check and fix.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, that is a bug. The references shouldn’t be able to be dragged and dropped out of the list that way as if they were files. This is affecting how they’re copied within the project as well, e.g. dragging a referenced JPG from the list into the text document is inserting the image, which is correct, but also removing the reference.