Dragging Scapple note to Scriv, part 2

In a previous query, I asked about dragging Scapple notes to Scrivener’s binder; All I want is for the note to go to the Title & Synopsis, not the body, but I can’t seem to accomplish this. I let the thread drop off the radar, but I just can’t seem to find the right combination of preference settings for this.

For more details and a screen shot of my settings, see:


Can anyone point me to the settings I’m looking for? I’m about to do some Scapple->Scrivener imports, and would like to figure this thing out before I get going.

Oops, I missed this one! Sorry about that.

There isn’t an option specifically to do what you are asking for. The only import option is one that reduces redundancy if you are using the first line of the Scapple note as a sort of title. The only other thing I can think of to try is Scapple->OPML->Scrivener. That will give you titles only, however, no synopsis.

Oh, okay thanks. A Scrivener feature to only import into titles & Synopsis, and not the main text document from Scapple notes would be greatly appreciated in the future; deleting the text from more than a handful of documents is rather tedious.