dragging text to the binder (bug or feature?)

bug or unusual behavior?

+drag a textsnippet from the file (the main editor is focused) directly to a file or folder in the binder.
+the main editor follows the dragged textsnippet and jumps directly where i have placed the snippet and focusses the snippet. I have lost the primary file

  • Usually (all outliner based tools I know dont do that) the focus should remain on the primary file.
  • This is awkward when the main editor window is splitted. because i cant go back in history to the primary file.

if its a feature not a bug, how can I avoid this behavior?
thanks for help

Moved, because it’s not a bug. Also, I don’t quite know what you mean, as you can just go back in the history to go back to the original document. You can prevent the current document from being changed automatically by locking it in place (alt-cmd-L).

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Thanks. Imho this (locked) should be the default behavior.

In my opinion, it should not. :slight_smile: It is standard for newly created documents to take the focus (cf. DevonThink or pretty much any other app that does something similar). And Lock in Place - a simple cmd-L away - is there for whenever you don’t want to move the focus away from the current document.
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I dissagree. “Lock” has not the same effect. More than 3 documents locked I get confused. You have to lock and unlock very often if you work with different documents/snippets. ok im happy “Lock” is here, but its more complicated.
You are right Devonthink (DT) does it similar: unfortunatly!
Mori (Hogbay Notebook HBN) not. Mori has a clearer, better GUI than DT, and I think this feature was one the reasons of the big succes of HBN/Mori as a writers tool. DT is a database not really a writers tool. SC ist the best writers tool i have seen until today. So what do you think what SC should do Mori´s styls or DT´s style?

Or: Drag text out of a document/main editor to the binder, change the document and drag it back to this document. SC cant do that. But thats a often needed process in structuring notes and text(snippets). And much more for project management. And I think not only for me, for other creativ (right-brain) writers too.

What about making this behaviour eligible in the prefs?


Do you really? I think that’s completely unbalanced and a gross exaggeration. I think Mori has been such a big success because it is a well-designed app that can hold a lot of information and make it all easy to access and has superb support from its creator. The way it handles text drags to its outline… Well, I doubt many really notice that in particular.

If you just want a back-up of your text, take a snapshot (cmd-5). If you want to keep the document from changing, hit cmd-L - that is what it is for. I think I do not really understand why this is so important to your workflow, as I am not sure what you mean.

Also, could you please send me that project with the slowdown? Just turn it into gibberish before sending so I can’t read it. Thanks.

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quick answer: Sorry, dont have time until thuesday to send you that and answer to Mori ( I dont understand “completely unbalanced and a gross exaggeration”) - What do you dont understand?

I just meant that I think it’s an exaggeration to say that the fact that Mori doesn’t change the selection when you drag text to its outline is one of the main causes of its success. :slight_smile:

I wouldn´t say an exaggeration, more a contracting (shortening). My english is not good enough to express that significantly and shortly.

Mori´s success was/is the possibilty of opening more than one db and and more than one windows of one db at the same time. (HBN could do that before, i believe it was the first of this kind of outliner notebook´s)
This GUI based on the 3 pane window with not change the selection, the columns, “hit enter” makes new note" is/was the basis for the best “note/snippets handling” at all.


It sounds like what you need to use in this situation is actually the scratch pad, rather than creating temporary files in the Binder to move chunks of text around. Try pressing Cmd-/ and using that. It doesn’t go away unless you tell it to. The main document does not change focus when you drag.

Not exactly, because dragging it directly to the chapter or note it belongs. Zhan I could use SC´s great feature “Edit Scrivenings” to rework it and drag it back. But i m gonna try this as a workaround. Thanks for the tip, AmberV.