Dragging text within a document intermittently causes scrolling

I’ve had this happen 2-3 times only, so it looks like an intermittent issue.

When dragging selected text within a document to a new position in the same document, the screen sometimes scrolls unpredictably, even though the move is inside the visible part of the screen, i.e. I would not expect such a behavior.

The last time this happened, I was moving around the middle of the visible screen, but when I released the mouse button, the moved text ended up being partly below the bottom of the visible screen.

(Hope this explanation is reasonably clear)

Sorry for the long delay in responding. Have you experienced this in any of the more recent builds? Also, do you generally work with typewriter scrolling on?

Thanks for your help with this.

I can’t say I have noticed it in a while. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone.
There is a related issue (could be the same thing) I’ve noticed a lot over the last few days : When I paste a block of text into Scrivener, the screen scrolls to a seemingly random place in the text.

There may be a pattern to the scrolling, but the effect is that what I’m seeing on the screen is not what what I expect. I.e. I’d expect focus to be either at the start or the end of the inserted text. Instead it’s usually much further down in the document

I see. Have you noticed this in single documents, scrivenings sessions, or both?

I use single document mode 99% of the time and that’s where I’ve noticed it.

I’ll post another comment if I ever see it happen in scrivening mode