Dragging text


I just starter with Scirvener and overall I like it a lot but one thing is driving me potty: dragging text snippets around by highlighting it. I select the text (a sentence or a word) and then I want to drag it with my mouse but most often than not, I only end up selecting more text. Funny enough, occasionally it works, for whatever reason.

I read somewhere on the forum that you have to wait a moment for the cursor to become an arrow – it never happens. On the occasions when I do manage to move the text it’s when the cursor is placed at the very beginning of the selection – but there doesn’t seem to be any consistency, sometimes it moves, and sometimes it doesn’t. I end up highlighting again and again, swearing, then finally opting for cut and paste.

What is wrong? I use Snow Leopard and all the other features are working fine…



Welcome Hamletta. I’ve found that the ease with which this happens depends somewhat on the power of your computer. The less powerful the computer’s chip and the less RAM, the longer you have to wait after selecting the text before “the clutch engages” and it becomes possible to drag and drop. I’ve found this applies not just to Scrivener. Don’t know why.

Hmm… Somehow I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ve got a fairly powerful MacBook Pro that’s not giving me trouble with much more RAM demanding programs…

Also, it’s not that I need to wait for the “clutch” to engage – it either does immediately (5% of time) or (most of the time) it doesn’t, no matter how long I wait.

Also, even when it does engage, the cursor never changes to an arrow – or is this a window thing?

FWIW, in Word, the dragging feature works without fail.

Thanks for your advice.


Works perfectly for me, so it might be something to do with your setup. I guess you could try downloading and installing again. Or have you got some sort of system add-on that might be interfering? You might try it in TextEdit and see if you get the same problem there. Word has its own text engine, so you wouldn’t expect the same problem to appear there, I would think.

Cheers, Martin.

Well, it is true indeed – I can’t drag in TextEdit, which I never noticed as I don’t really use it.

But that confirmed that, as you rightly pointed, the issue wasn’t with Scrivener. So I did some googling and found the answers. :smiley: Basically, I was used to Word dragging, where it works immediately. While I was trying to wait, I was waiting with the cursor on the text but before clicking instead of giving it a split second after clicking before beginning to drag. :unamused:

I got it now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Happy writing.