Dragging Text

Hi folk, first post here - I moved to Scrivener for creating uni papers and am absolutely loving it, I now use it for coursework and general notetaking as well as specific assignments and research! I do have a question though and have searched these boards but cannot found the answer to this… :question:

Is it possible to drag and drop text at all? But this I mean just highlighting a chunk, then dragging it to a new spot. It’s something I really miss (the only thing!) from Word and it’s bothersome having to copy, cut, paste to shift stuff around. I’ve gone through menus but cannot find a checkbox or some setting to change. Is this function available with Scrivener?

Sorry if it’s a daft question, and thanks for any help! :blush:


Yes, you can absolutely do this - Scrivener uses the standard Mac text system, where this is automatically available, although it’s possible that there is a slight difference in how long you have to hold down the mouse for, so your Word-trained reflexes may just be missing it.

To drag the text, select the text you want to drag, then click on the selection and hold the mouse down for about a second before dragging. If you try to drag straight away, the drag will just change the selection; by holding the mouse down for a second, that tells the OS that you intend to drag the selection. My guess is that this delay isn’t necessary in Word so you are probably just dragging without clicking-and-holding first. You’ll find that the hold-and-drag is necessary in most non-Word programs, though, such as Pages and Mail.

Hope that helps. Glad you’re liking Scrivener otherwise!

All the best,

Ahh Keith you’re a legend, thanks so much! Yes I must have been doing it too fast - I’m only using the trackpad but I’ve just tried it with a holdy finger and it works, very cool as I’m up to my eyeballs in a paper right now so this will be super handy. It’s not even that much longer that I needed to hold it for… I do feel a bit daft now, haha! :laughing: