Dragging titles as links to blank document

I was banging my head trying to drag links (to research documents) into a new document–couldn’t do it. What I wanted to do was this: find all documents with ‘darnton’ and drag the titles (from the search results) into the new document as links. Either the document text got inserted, or the title as text only. I then had an aha! moment: the document can’t be blank. :bulb: Insert ellipsis at the top. (My brilliance amazes.)

I hope this illuminates. Brilliantly. :open_mouth:

FYI, the forum treats ‘link’ as a common word and Will Not search for that base word. Refuses. Basta.

I’m confused! I make a new document, leave it empty, and then drag something from the Binder into it and I get a link. I don’t need any placeholder text. And I never get document contents pasted into the new document. Didn’t even know that was possible.

I was confused too! Maybe because I was dragging from search results and not the binder itself? (I wasn’t sure if this was a tech support question, then figured not since I’d found a solution.) I thought I’d lost my mind since I was sure that I’d dragged docs as links before.

That’s the thing, I should have been more clear: I tried using both search results and the ordinary Binder and had no problem dropping links into new documents no matter which method was used. Here is what I did. I made a new document, left it untitled, then locked the editor. Searched for a word, selected all of the search results and dragged them into the new document. This gives me a list of links.