Dragging to Scrivener; synopsis only?

I just did my first drag from Scapple to the binder. The notes came in as expected (I used the first line of each note as a title, and that worked as expected with the setting in Scrivener).

What I hadn’t expected was for the words to be also copied to the text of the document. Is there a way to prevent that? If not, then is there a quick way to delete the text from a multiple Scrivener documents in one go?

There’s an option for this in the Import preferences of Scrivener 2.5 (which you’ve probably already discovered :slight_smile: ).

I haven’t, and still don’t see where that might be. The only Scappel import option I’ve found is the one to import the first lines as titles.

Edit: … unless the OPML setting for “Import notes into:” applies to Scappel notes?

I also ran into this problem. Drag & Drop creates a binder entry with first line as title and puts the rest into the main document. I would also prefer the possibility to have the rest in notes or synopsis only without altering the main document. Maybe this option is available in the future.

I finally got around to experimenting, and I cannot find the combination of settings that I’m looking for.

To re-iterate: When I drag a note into Scrivener’s binder from Scapple, I want it to populate the title & synopsis, but NOT the main document. I can’t figure out how to accomplish this.

I’ve highlighted the only Scapple specific option, and the OPML import option that would be nice to have in the Scapple section as well. Is there something else to look for?

I would like to be able to right click on any Scapple board entry and simply have an option appear that says, “Create Scrivener Folder”, click it, and boom, it’s in the Binder of Scrivener, in a separate pre-made Scapple folder. No drag and drop, I don’t even have to check–it’s just there now, in Scrivener.

A writer can then move or rename the folder on their own (to Draft, Research, etc.). The entire Scapple board was not moved, just that item, with a single right click and single left click.

This would be invaluable for researchers and novelist’s plotting on Scapple.