Dragging to Scrivener

When I drag an item from Scapple to Scrivener, the words in the item are repeated, once as the note card’s title, and then a second time as the note card’s synopsis. Is it possible to change a setting to have the words I use in an item in Scapple appear only once on the card, as its title, after I drag it? Thanks.

There isn’t an option for that. Since these can be dragged onto the freeform corkboard, it is to avoid confusion that may result from the result of the drag being “empty”.

When you drag from Scrivener into Scapple, the notecard header is on one line, and the text in the body of the card is below. Why wouldn’t this behavior be consistent the other way around? Not sure I understand what model of working with notecards would ever necessitate repeating your header in the body of the card.

Also, not sure what you mean by the drag being “empty”.

Submitted with all of my usual love, respect and obtuseness.

Sean, we might be talking about two different things—or I misunderstood the OP. If all you want to do is inhibit “title” reproduction in the synopsis and main text, then switch on the relevant feature in the Import/Export preference pane: “Import first lines of Scapple notes as titles”.

As for why you would want that off: if you don’t “title” your notes in Scapple, you may very well want all of the data in the main text area rather than split up between the title and text+synopsis fields.

What I meant by getting an “empty” result is that if Scrivener did not populate the index card face with note data, it would look as though only the first line of the Scapple note was imported. Of course one can investigate the file contents and see the main text is populated, but it’s first impressions that count when it comes to frequently asked questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ioa. Didn’t even check to see if there was a preference for this. :blush: