Dragon accessing Scrivener menu

This may be outside of the purview of the beta testing forum , but I’m going to ask anyway!

Does anyone know how to get Dragon to change the Scrivener style while dictating. I have been reaching for the mouse and opening the Dropdown style menu and selecting that way, but I would like to be able to continue with voice commands, if at all possible.

I tried to query through Dragon and even using keywords in Google with no luck. It may not even be able to be done but I figured there are enough sharp Scrivener beta testers who also use Dragon to dictate directly onto the Scrivener page that may be someone has conquered this challenge.

In principle, this should be possible using a Dragon extension utility, such as SpeechStart+ or KnowBrainer. The “show flags” command in the former or the “show numbers” command in the latter should both enable the selection of menu items. I haven’t yet tried them myself with Scrivener, but they work with a wide variety of other applications.

I’m quite interested to know how you have got Dragon working with Scrivener in the first place. In my experience, all you can do with Dragon in the latest beta of Scrivener is dictate text in directly, but there is no “Full Text Control”, so corrections and any kind of editing is impossible by voice. If you have found a way around that, I would love to know about it.

Probably you could try assigning shortcuts to your text styles and trigger the shortcuts via Dragon or manually.

I use Dragon with beta, but I use the text dictation box with dragon. I don’t really have it access the menu as I’ve noticed limited accessibility even in the basic functions.