Dragon dictate Mac v6 - scrivener specific support?!

Saw a posting on a other writing group in the USA about dragon dictate v6 for Mac coming along in September, the interesting bit is that specifically meant ions support for scrivener (which was listed along with the “big” applications like word, pages etc

nuance.co.uk/for-individuals … /index.htm

Anyone at l&l know what specifically support they have put in?

I wondered, too, when I saw this somewhere in Nuance’s promotional material. But I suspect that we’ll satisfy our curiosity more effectively through Nuance (who, after all, have had to adapt their software and who are doing the promoting) than through L&L. Probably.

I saw it too about a couple of weeks ago and intended to post about it, but other important family things took over. I agree with Hugh, any further information is more likely to come from Nuance rather than L&L.

I’m unlikely to be interested, even at the introductory offer. I’ve had a licence for Dragon for a number of years, but never got round to using it. But we’ll see … with old age creeping relentlessly forward and my tremor getting gradually worse, dictation might be the way to go, though I’d definitely have a learning curve to negotiate.



that was my next port of call… but i’ve always found them rather hard to get answers out of… I guess it seemed odd (but good) that scrivener was listed there along with the big guns… not that scrivener isn’t… but its a nice feather in the cap… :wink:

I have issues with my speech currently… so ironically dictating might well be much slower for me… I guess i keep looking at it in the hope one day it might be something i can use again… :wink:

That was the reason in my answer for “… probably”. (I’ve always believed that they could learn a thing or two from L&L. :slight_smile: ) But in any case the new version will be available for download in a couple of days, so I guess we’ll soon know.

Oof! That’s expensive. No playing with voice recognition for me, then. :frowning: I’ll just have to stick with the Mac’s dictation facility (which isn’t doing too bad a job these days, actually.)

Yes, Dragon and its upgrades are expensive by the standards of software prices today (though perhaps not those of twenty years ago). And of course, expensive by comparison with OSX’s own dictation facility, which I believe uses Dragon technology. But for not-so-fast-typists like me, DD’s additional bells and whistles and up-to-date technology permitting faster and more accurate rendition can be worth its not inconsiderable fee.

I have now downloaded and installed the latest version – and it contains nothing specific to Scrivener per se. The marketing text suggests that DragonDictate will give you some additional Scrivener support - however, in reality, it just means that DragonDictate will give you a better environment than in unsupported applications. Basically, DragonDictate maintains a cache for supported applications to enable cursor control, typing and dictation better than in unsupported applications:

From the help text

So there you have it … Scrivener supports selection and cursor movement. Good news, but nothing stunning!

thanks… back to typing then :wink: