Dragon dictation and cards

This is not Beta specific but also applies to the Beta.

I use Dragon for dictation (on windows) and have noticed a (somewhat frustrating) oddity: dictation works great in the main editor as well as in the synopsis field in the inspector. But on Corkboard, on the cards, I cannot get the dictation to work.

Note that in all three, I get “DragonBox”, where I dictate, and then say “Click Transfer” to get the text into the destination. Maybe the bug has to do with what happens on a “Ctrl-V” (which is what the Click Transfer likely uses).

Not a deal breaker by any stretch, but I can outline better if I can dictate things more easily here.

Anyone else here who has worked around this?

Thanks much!

The Corkboard card has Title and Synopsis area. Most likely you have to choose the area you want to dictate into first. Have in mind that you have to double click the area to trigger the edit field control.