Dragon Naturally Speaking

I have been using Dragon for several years. The program works well in MS Word with few errors (most of the time). When I try using the program for Scrivener I get some errors I can’t seem to correct with any of Dragon’s formatting or other option settings.
I’ll dictate the remainder with Dragon:
okay, when I start writing sometimes after a sentence the program does not give me a space after the period. Hasn’t happened here.does this program is a different formatting then Scrivener? please note in the previous sentence that there is no space after the period, and there is no capitalization of the next word. Also note, there is a double space before the word Scrivener. Although it has not happened here many times in the Scrivener program when I say., It gives me two periods. As you can see punctuation is a problem.
when I called for a
here it gave me a
however in the Scrivener, it gives me a double line… Oops! The words after the above two phrases is “new line.” Also it gave me two periods before the word Oops.
do you have any expertise with Dragon, or is this something I should talk to them about?note that the beginning of the substance is not capitalized. And there is no capitalization or space after the?.
I’m sure many writers would use Dragon Naturally Speaking in Scrivener. have you had any contact with Nuance software regarding making Scrivener more compatible with Dragon? or vice versa??
End dictation.
Yes, all the errors you see above have occurred using Dragon. Standard editing is tough enough, but trying to figure out what a missing or incorrect word is supposed to be is terrible. Any suggestions?

For a sense of the situation with regard to Dragon and Scrivener, do a search of the forums for “dragon”.

I’m not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt… At least for now, appears most practical approach is to use Dragon with itself or some Microsoft product that it supports (Word, …) and copy/paste or import over into Scrivener.

Hope that helps.

UPDATE: March 8th. I am not sure what is different now but I sat back down to use Dragon with Scrivener (Version: beta - 01 Mar 2014 still) and I am back to using the dictation box for some reason. This is rather interesting since clearly Dragon can interact with Scrivener under some set of circumstances that were present on my machine March 2 but are not now a few days later. What has changed between then and now has me perplexed. :confused:

Sorry for the false hope. :cry:

------- March 2nd ----
I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking a few months ago with the hope that it would work with Scrivener but was sadly disappointed. Using the text window that Dragon provides and transferring the text into Scrivener (or any number of other products that are not supported by Dragon) works but you just do not get the full impact of such a powerful product until you can use the editing features that it brings to the table.

Fast forward to this morning, March 2nd. I was going to try to work with Dragon and Scrivener to come up with a work flow that I could enjoy by using the pop-up text box when much to my surprise, as I spoke, the text went right into the Scrivener editor!

“Wait just a minute!” I says to myself “Is this what I think it is?!” :open_mouth: And it was! :laughing: I was using Dragon in Scrivener natively. Edit commands work pretty well. It seems to work pretty well in the project notes, document notes, and synopsis too.

I had downloaded and opened the latest Beta edition (Version: beta - 01 Mar 2014) this morning and it was open on the desktop when I began my little experiment. So it appears that, unless there is a regression from beta to production, Scrivener for Windows will work with Dragon natively soon.

I am new to Scrivener.

Should I spend $30 for Dragon Home to dictate my Great American Novel into Scrivener on my Windows 8 laptop?

I used Dragon years ago for technical writing on a Windows XP desktop; handicaps now prevent typing on a keyboard.

Dragon Home is advertised by Nuance, and comes with a USB headset.
Are there better deals with other sellers?
Will I want to buy a better headset?
Are there other versions of Dragon, or other dictation software, that works better with Scrivener?

Thank you