Dragon NaturallySpeaking errors

I’ve tried to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Scrivener for Windows for the first time today and while it works overall, there are a number of annoying issues. At times it fails to capitalise the start of the sentence, adds two spaces between words or leaves spaces out between words altogether. The problem with automatic capitalisation of sentences and leaving out spaces does happen in other environments which don’t support Dragon NaturallySpeaking, such as in web browser forms (e.g. web email applications). However I’ve never seen the problem of doubling of spaces and at times even of punctuation marks (commas and full stops).

Is there any chance of eliminating these problems and at least make Dragon NaturallySpeaking functional in a most basic sense of just being able to dictate into it ( without all the other fancy features that work in DragonPad)? Eliminating the above problems would just do it. Otherwise these problems keep interrupting the user, as I’m constantly prompted to try to capitalise the sentence or add missing spaces/delete extra spaces and punctuation.

Thanks very much for your attention to this. I’m sure that it will become increasingly common for people to want to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Scrivener for Windows as well.

I should perhaps add that the lack of sentence capitalisation seems to be a function of the space missing between the end of the previous sentence and the start of the new sentence. When the space is included, Dragon has no problem with capitalising the sentence, as it recognises that a full stop is being followed by a new word. So it seems that if the leaving out of spaces could be fixed, then the capitalisation problem would go away.

That would still leave us with the problem of double spaces and double commas and full stops. I should add that the latter are relatively rare, but the leaving out or adding extra spaces pretty much happens in every sentence.

Thank you for your report. We’ll be developing support for dictation programs like NaturallySpeaking post 1.0, and I’ve made a note of the issues you’re seeing currently to be on the investigation list.