Dragon NaturallySpeaking -version 13

Scrivener works fine with DNS up through version 12.5. Recently Nuance introduced Dragon naturally speaking version 13. It is a giant advance. However, I have the latest version of Scrivner for Windows and it does not sink like it used to. Does anyone else have this problem is to mark :frowning:

I have just purchase Dragon 13 having confirmed beforehand from the Scrivener video that it is supposed to work in the Windows version and found it does not. The work around is too much faffing about.

Any word on when the incompatibility will be fixed?

I gave some points on how to use it in this thread: (last entry)


For regular dictation into the program it works great. But the “Select and Say” features do not work at all.

Nuance limited the use of Dragon in any non- select and say apps in this release, apparently because users complained of features not working properly.

There is a push for Nuance to add it back in to get Dragon 13 to behave more like 12.5. But so far it hasn’t happened.

The Scrivener people have been quiet, too. So I wouldn’t hold my breath. I imagine it would require a whole lot of coding on their end. I don’t know I’m not a programmer. And probably not worth it for the few of us who write this way.

If you’re disabled and need these features, I guess the only solution for now is to go back to 12.5.