Dragon Speaking Naturally Full Compatibility

I have to use Word to dictate and then paste into Scrivener. I think there is a dll or some such programming gizmo that makes Dragon Speaking Naturally (DSN) fully compatible. I contacted Nuance, the makers of DSN, and they said they had not tested their product with Scrivener for Windows. I would appreciate full compatibility so that it is as responsive as Word 2010. How difficult would this be?

I would like to second this. I just stumbled on this software recently and was excited about the capability. I thought it would be great to help write my dissertation. However, the inability to write directly into the program with DNS may be a deal killer. As a disabled user (headset only, no keyboard or mouse) the inability to edit directly in the program would be a huge headache. Please look into this. Thank you.

I use Dragon Express? on Mac. On it you have to use the built in editor then paste it into the program you use, which I was unaware of when I bought it. I mostly use it when I’m having trouble spelling and even my computer is like,
“Okay, buddy, I know just about every word in the English language and that doesn’t look like any of them.”

It would be nice to see these two products integrate to a certain level.

We do have plans for adding more support for DNS to the Windows version, so that should be coming at some point–it’s a big job, but it is definitely one we’d like to enable more access to the program. As for Dragon Express, my understanding is that it is much more limited than the full version and is designed to use its own editor, so I don’t know that there’s really anything to be done about integrating that with another program–that is, I don’t think it’s built to be able to do that, the way Dragon Dictate is.

…On rereading I realize you might’ve meant better integration for Windows Scrivener and DNS, in which case the note on Express is irrelevant…

Yeah, I didn’t think Dragon Express would work. I was more or less stating what I’ve used.

I was really just backing the DNS and Scrivener(Windows).

This is good news. I’m new to Scrivener so how will users be notified when integration is likely to be done? Thanks.

I think there is a newsletter for the windows version, but that was for when it was coming out (I never got it). It may still be sent out from time to time with updates?

You can also periodically check this page for a list of Windows changes and updates: literatureandlatte.com/scriv … geList.php

I’d also be interested in using DNS with Win Scrivener. Thanks.

Actually - I realise now that this is just for full compatability with the program. The existing functionality does all I need it to do, which is type in the main text window. Thank you.

Has anyone had an issue with dictated text in apps other than the Dragon Dictate Note Pad (or Text Edit) in Mac OS transcribing as gibberish? The transcribed text I get in those other applications looks like a Welsh variation of English text (or what I’d imagine that to look like).

Hi Paul,

It works for me in Scrivener and MS Word. (Have you seen the video towards the foot of this page: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/video.php?)

Presumably you’re obeying the Dragon “Golden Rule”, and also not using any text-expanding/snippet/additional spell-check software?

It looks like the new version, Dictate 3, will make it easier to dictate into the Notepad and then transfer the text into applications that don’t necessarily play as nicely with dictation software as they should.


I would like to endorse previous pleas from DragonDictate users (for Windows) for full compatibility with Scrivener. I am an academic author with RSI in both hands, who is completely dependent on DragonDictate for all of my writing and other computer usage. It is a completely brilliant programme which has saved my academic career – I have been using it now for about 16 years and have had every version going. I am currently using DragonDictate NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition, version 12.5, which is truly remarkable in its speed and accuracy and high level of functionality. An academic colleague strongly urged me to try out Scrivener and I am very impressed with its ingenuity, but I do not know that I’m going to be able to use it very effectively with the limited functionality of DragonDictate. At present it operates quite radically and so I find it quite intrusive when I am trying to get ideas down in writing. So I may well have to revert to using Word and scrolling through endless pages of text in my 900 page book I’m currently writing, pining for all the organisational tricks of Scrivener! So please, Scrivener geniuses, do try to achieve full compatibility (perhaps in cooperation with Nuance) as you would be an unbeatable duo! Incidentally, this entire message was dictated in less than three minutes, and only two minor corrections were required