Dragon Will Dictate Into Scratchpad Only

After upgrading to Mojave Dragon Dictate 4.0.7 will no longer work within a Scrivener project per se. After a little experimenting, however, I found that it will dictate into a Scrivener project’s scratchpad. Any thoughts about what is going on?

Yes, it’s possible to export from the Scrivener scratchpad but is there a way to make it work within a project?

It might be helpful to know that Dragon also works with TextEdit as well as its own proprietary notepad, but will not work with Apple Pages or Apple Mail.

Thanks for your help!

This would be a Dragon support question. Scrivener just takes whatever input the operating system gives it, whether it’s coming from the keyboard or from dictation.


I only wish I could get an answer from them. Unfortunately, it was pretty much impossible to get helpful support from Nuance (maker of Dragon) even before it announced it was abandoning Mac last fall.

What I’m asking about is the difference between Scrivener’s scratchpad and a Scrivener project itself, because the former will allow dictation via Dragon and the latter will not. Mac’s enhanced dictation works in both. I’m wondering if there’s a tweak I can make in Scrivener to allow the project to work the way the scratchpad does.

The Scratchpad is a separate mini-editor and writes ordinary text files into a folder that’s accessible via Finder or any other text editor. The structure of a Scrivener project is much more complicated and isn’t really visible. That shouldn’t matter, but it’s the only thing I can think of that might, since both of the actual editors use the Mac editing toolkit.