Dramatica terms and scrivener

I’m a writer and I’m using Dramatica to develop my novels. I’m thinking about how to combine Dramatica and Scrivener. For this, I would like to import Dramatica terms somehow into Scrivener.

For those that don’t know Dramatica, it’s enough to say that it mainly assissts in thinking a plot through logically. So, for instance, if I have a Story Goal of Obtaining and a Story Outcome of Success, it means that I have to have Story Forewarnings of … well, whatever. Just an example.

I have categories such as Story Goal, Main Character throughline and so on. For them I have different terms. I have differnt terms for Story Goal than I have for the Main Character throughline.

I could simply make a keyword list for every story. So, if a story has a Story Goal of Obtaining, I could make Story Goal of Obtaining a keyword and assign it to the chapters where this matters. However, this is a lot of work for every novel. I’d prefer something where I could combine Story Goals and Story Goal terms. What I want to have is, I want to make my own template for working with my stories. So it would be perfect to have only one template that is able to combine Dramatica categories with Dramatica terms.

Probably, I could make folders for the categories and fill them with the terms? Then when I drag them into the keyword HUD with option pressed down (or was it command?) I would be able to see “Story Goal” as category and “Obtaining” as its assigned term, wouldn’t I?

Did you ever figure out a good way to do this?

I use Dramatica, too. I would love a clever way to move a report from Dramatica’s sterile and awkward environment over into Scrivener for some fancy creative work.

Something tells me that a “template” might somehow be involved, but I have quite figured that end of things out yet.


I confess that the couple times I’ve used them “together,” I’ve actually used them sequentially – I just put the reports from Dramatica I needed in the Research folder so I’d be able to review them easily.

This may not be as integrated as you desire, but Dramatica is… uh… let’s say not as modern as it could be. Write Brothers seems to do the absolute minimum required to keep the program on modern machines. If I recall correctly, they were still shipping an OS 9 version in 2006, when Apple had started to ship Macs that no longer had a “Classic” environment to run legacy code in.The current release of the application is still PowerPC code, not Intel, and if Write Brothers stays true to form they won’t start working on an Intel-native release until after Apple is shipping a version of OS X that no longer supports PowerPC emulation.