Draw an unconnected line ?

Hi all,

I use Scrapple for planning out the story line my book. I am enjoying it’s easy to use functions.

However I have the need to draw a line NOT between two boxes. Just a line with an arrow at the end … ending nowhere :slight_smile:

Is this possible ?

Create a background shape, set it to the smallest possible size, and remove the border. I recommend linking the note to it first, before making it invisible, though. :slight_smile: You can use two of these “invisible” background shapes to draw arbitrary lines on the board.

My workaround: I use to create 2 text boxes with “*” as text and connect them in order to get an (almost) unconnected line. Easy to handle and visually unintrusive.

Thanks guys - I’ll check into those.

Is there a suggestion page where I can post about such a function being added to Scrapple ?

Don’t worry about it. We already have this idea on the list for consideration.

Tks but I tried that but when I removed the border, the shape then disappeared. And I don’t want it connected to any box.

Yes… I got that one … a nice ‘workaround’ for an orphan line. :slight_smile:

For me I need an arrow … but I understand that’s asking too much in the current state of things.

Thanks AmberV !! I am a Scrapple AND a Scrivener user. Lov’em.