Drawing in Scapple

Sorry for making two posts back to back, however this is an entirely different idea.

I would love the ability to hand-draw notes in scapple, perhaps on its own layer that is able to be toggled on and off. This would solve my other request for brackets with flying colors, as I could group things together with hand drawing brackets or any other symbols or notes I want.

I understand if this request is way beyond your capabilities as you can zoom in and out rather drastically in scapple, and i could see the scaling of the drawings layer being problematic, but I’m no programmer.

You could create a background shape and drag or paste picture/ png of if a bracket and enlarge might get to where you want and create a scapple project with just symbols could copy over and over again on other scapple projects

That is true, and I have been using imported images of brackets when I need to, but it’s definitely clunky.

Believe could use png files of symbols and can vector up size for bigger objects. Let me know if works sounds like interesting idea

That’s really not a problem.

If you’re on a Mac, look at Curio It has a scapple-like linking feature, plus you can hand-draw on it. It has a ton of other features as well.

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