Drawing in Scrivener

I use Scrivener a lot, but there is one feature I miss terribly : drawing and writing in the same application, in a continuous process. And Scapple is not what I am thinking of. Of course I can import images, but this is so very different. Why is it so important ? Because typically, being a cartoonist, this is what I do on paper, mixing constantly drawing (or doodling if you prefer) and writing in the early stages, when I am preparing for something new-one thing triggering the other. I know I can use comics formatting in order to write a story, but once again this is not what I am looking for. I need the words, I need the doodles - at the same time in the same place. The ability to make, move, resize, modify those doodles, would be a great asset in Scrivener, more than I can say actually. Don’t you Think? And as far as I can tell, the is nothing new in this respect in Scrivener 3, is there?

I use Cardflow+ for exactly that, using iPad and App,e Pencil.


Scrivener is great for complex writing but not for visual drawing+writing, like storyboards or comic strips.

Hello Lunk, thank you for the tip, I Will give it a try…
Yet it’s difficult not to Wish to associate Scrivener’s huge qualities in text and this kind of versatility.