drawstrings to connect 'pages' on corkboard

hi KB,

Am new to scrivener, and i did look up if this has been requested or if feature already exists. Didnt find any.

I am more a visual person and i am using scrivener for writing my PhD thesis. And i must say scrivener has definitely helped me get started with my writing which i had been postponing for so long!. I love the cork board! However, there is one feature i would love to see added on the cork board. Making connections, drawing lines between pages to say they are linked or can be referred to each other or one leads to the other. Not everything is linear when you are putting down thoughts. Although the cork board shows the different ‘pages’ within the chapter, there are some content that i write down which i want to mark as ‘can be used or referred to in this chapter, and in this and this and this page’.
Kind of like making connections between sticky notes with a marker - which helps clear your thoughts and figure things out. Have attached an image to explain better. Am a visual person, appropriate words evade me. :slight_smile:

sticky notes connected.jpg

Have you tried Scapple? Great for laying out ideas and mapping links between them. And you can import into Scrivener!