drinks worthy of a software company name

In light of Keith’s regular expressions of desire for beer, why is the company name “Literature and Latte” instead of “Books and Brewskis” or “Publications and Pints” or “Scrivenings and Suds” or “Articulations and Ale”?

From “About us” on the website:


Would those be POSIX compliant regular expressions?

I think this has something to do with the childish attitude of many writer toward their tools, and the interdiction to sell alchools to minors.


Talking of beer, if anyone feels like sending me a crate of Kronenbourg Blanc, please feel free - my favourite beer, and bloody Heineken UK decided to stop distributing it here. Argh. My every Friday night has been diminished through this lack.

Had I known of this problem of yours while I was in the UK, I could perhaps have done something to help. We did a quick flip to Paris, so perhaps we could have added a case of Kronenbourg … but with 90 bottles of wine in a Renault Clio, it might have been a bit of a squeeze!



Oh, KB, that avatar rocks!

Its a cover story to hide the fact that he really likes his free beer. Notice his post requesting CRATES of the stuff?


Just one crate from each user. What’s unreasonable about that? :slight_smile:

Depends on how many users you have. From where I’m sitting (in East Anglia, on the far side of the country), I fear that the weight of all these crates of beer will make Cornwall sink into the sea. Not so bad in itself, perhaps :wink: – apart from the corollary that Suffolk will pivot upwards and I’ll find myself dangling in the air, holding on for dear life to the burial mounds of Sutton Hoo, desperately hoping that I don’t slide all the way into Essex. :slight_smile:

When he said CRATE this is what I envisioned.

Come off it Si. Y know yre an Essex girl at heart! :wink:

That’s what I envisioned too. What of it?

Thats our Kev, bign`brassy!! And why not?!! :smiling_imp:

Hmm, it’s Friday, and still no deliveries. I expect you have all been furiously looking for the beer but didn’t know what it looked like. Here you go:

Ah, Kronenbourg Blanc, how I miss thee - not a Friday has been the same since thou leftest me.

I think you want some of this:

Biere du Demon (12%)
before you get all:

(5 liter keg, gurgle gurgle)

I just found a site in Canada that does KB (shurely no coinshidensh) in 20 litre kegs. Twenty litres Ke/it/vin. You could swim in it.

Mmmm. Beer.

“Writings and Whiskey”? :open_mouth:

Keith Blount and Kronenbourg Blanc.

Come on guys! It’s nearly beer o’clock here in the UK!

I foresee this pic being an easter egg… A subtle hint…

Not sure if you ever got you Krony Blanc, KB. If not, you might be able to find “Blue Moon” in your local Sainsburys which is quite nice.

Incidentally it’s been DAYS since anyone posted on the bottom half of the forum. I’ve had to resort to reading really old threads!