Drive backup doesn't contain updated Scrivener project? Where are my files?

TL;DR Anybody have issues with Scrivener saving projects to a weird location? :confused:

So I sent my laptop in for repairs last month. Before I did so, I wiped my data hard drive (my laptop has a HDD for data and an SSD for OS.) I thought that my WIP’s project was saving to my data drive, but when I restored the drive backup, my project file hasn’t been updated since October. When I accessed files from my Dropbox backup, they had been edited in November/December. Unfortunately, I hadn’t set Scrivener to back up all text files, so some of my notes were lost in the shuffle.

I have a backup of the SSD, but I don’t want to restore that unless I have to. Is it possible that the project went weird sometime in October and started saving somewhere else? Where are my notes files if they aren’t on the backup I made in December? Why were my Dropbox files newer than the backup I made? Is there any way to find out where those newer files were coming from retroactively? :neutral_face:

It depends where you have told it to save automatic backups. I always changed mine to be zipped and dropped onto the Cloud whenever I close the project, retaining at least the last 5 backups.

TL:DR: Have you attempted to search for *.scriv folder names using the Windows file exporer on your entire restored hard drive?

You’re using terms that don’t line up to Scrivener terms, so I’d need some clarification, but first…

So, you have your most recent edits in Dropbox? If you did, then your dropbox folder is where you were editing them, right? There’s no reason for your old copy to be updated if you saved a copy to dropbox in October and then edited that version through Nov/Dec. If you used File->Save As to create a “backup” in your Dropbox folder, then likely what happened is that “backup” was what was opened next time you started working on your project, and you kept opening that copy through November and December.

What do you mean by this? You can’t exclude some binder items (text files) in a project from a backup of a project.

For that matter, what do you mean by “back up”? As in, what part of Scrivener are you using to create these backups? The settings under Tools->Options? The File->Save As menu? The File->Back Up->Back Up To… menu? The Sync with External folder feature (designed NOT for backup, but for syncing changes made outside of Scrivener with another editor).

Scrivener saves the project in the place where you’re editing it. If there’s a .scriv folder with all of its contents stored on C:\Blah\Blah, and you open that project, then it continuously saves changes you make to that project in that place. Scrivener doesn’t save data the same way older word processors do/did, waiting for you to tell it to save; it just does that to all your changes when you pause for a couple of seconds; but it only saves the binder items that you changed since the last save. Except for the automatic backups (Tools->Options->Backup), Scrivener never creates duplicate copies of your project on its own.

As for your notes files… what do you mean by that? The Document notes associated with every binder item in a project? Binder items that you used for notes? Where exactly, within your project, where you keeping these notes? Or were you keeping them outside of Scrivener? You weren’t adding files inside the .scriv folder of your project using non-Scrivener tools, were you?

I hope that clarifies a few things. Good luck tracking down your project!