Drop Box Sync - Paragraph Format Changing between two computers. How to fix?

I’m a new user and I’ve doen some googling and I’ve yet to find a soulution. Everytime I switch from my laptop to my desktop my paragraphs are completely messed up. They are spread between pages on the computer while on the laptop they are not. The worst part is for some reason I can’t put them back it’s like they’ve been changed some how and no longer fit to the pages when though nothing has changed as far as I can tell. Does anyone have a solution?

Any chance your computer is in Page View mode and your laptop is not?

I’ve never wrote in anything other than page view.

Any chance your computer and your laptop have different Page View settings?

Go to File > Options > Appearance > Page View > Options on each device and confirm.

If Base page view size on: is “File > Page Setup Settings”, then also go to File > Page Setup and confirm the settings are the same on both devices.