drop box sync

I have set up scrivener to sync on open and close, but now, every time I open scrivener, I get the prompt ‘changes found in external folder’ even if I know that there have been no changes (I open and then close scrivener for example). Why is it prompting me at open?


Do you mean the automatic backups, or what are you referring to? Scrivener doesn’t really do any “syncing”…

You’re using External Folder Sync, That’s intended for use ONLY if you or someone else will be editing your text files with a non-Scrivener editor (for example, you might use this feature to collaborate with someone who uses Word, or to get some work done on your Android phone in an Android text editor.)

I’m going to assume that you really are using it for its intended purpose. (If not, if you’re using it for backup or for syncing with iOS Scrivener, please turn it off by clearing the file path in the Sync With External Folder… dialog.)

Yes, you will have to click OK every time you exit Scrivener, to save your changes to your external folder. For that matter, when you (or your collaborator) make changes to those files and then you start Scrivener, you will again need to click OK to incorporate changes. You’ve made it as automatic as possible, but NO Scrivener syncing is completely automatic, not even the completely different method for syncing with iOS Scrivener.

Hope this helps!