Drop Caps Revisited

If you would add drop caps to formatting, I’d never have to go near that word processor or pay a 3rd party formatter ever again. :wink:

Doesn’t Latex support drop caps?

Drop caps are not a uniformly standardized rich-text thing like italics or underline. So, getting drop caps is a formatting feat the specification for which would depend on what format you are compiling to. What format are you compiling to?


P.S. I am also a bit curious to know what domain you are working in where drop caps are common or feel essential. From my perspective, while I like drop caps and I think they can be an interesting design choice, they definitely seem “extra” and would be somewhat unusual in most contexts today. Thus, if drop caps were the only reason I needed to post-process my Scriv output, I think I would probably just drop the drop caps (after putting a request for them on the wish list, of course)!

The genre is fiction/romance and drop caps are very common in print. I’m compiling to .docx and PDF. I found a clunky workaround using text boxes in Pages (I’m on a Mac) from which I can export to .docx and PDF, but I was hoping not to have to take that extra step. Maybe someday …

It’s true that they’re common in print, but in print they’re added by the publisher, not the writer. Are you self-publishing?

Yes. I had book 1 professionally formatted for $200, and it looked like it came out of an old basic word processor using Times New Roman, although I know they did it in Word. I have a graphic design degree and figured I could design it better and save the money. All I’m missing is drop caps for which the formatter wanted $25 ea. There are two features I need for book publishing: facing pages with mirrored margins, which Scrivener does but Apple’s Pages doesn’t, and drop caps, which I can get Pages to do, but not Scrivener.