Simple question: I can make Drop-Caps in Word and Open Office, can I do so in Scrivener? (And, if not, why the heck not?)

There is no way to put text or any other objects into a free-floating box, nor to have such boxes impact the flow of text behind them. As for why not: well, that implies an entirely different kind of program than Scrivener! You brought up two hybrid desktop publishing systems; Scrivener is a writing program with the same basic text editor that you use to write in Safari, Mail or TextEdit. So it is neither feasible to add this feature, nor within the intended scope of the software, as drop-caps have nothing to do with writing. :slight_smile:

Has the developer tried, over the years of everyone asking? (imagine this with an extra large fancy “H”)

I compile straight to publishing . . . no pile of extra software.

I am not the developer, so I cannot speak for him. However, if I were him and had a strong vision of what kind of software I wanted to produce, I would not want to spend my time on trying to develop features that a) went against my vision of what niche my software belonged in (e.g. not layout) and b) would be the kind of features that other users would point to if I implemented and say, “Well you implemented that layout feature, why don’t you do mine too?”

KB and the rest of the L&L staff have patiently explained, over the years of everyone asking, what the vision for Scrivener is and how they see it fitting into the writing toolchain. I do not understand why so many people feel so entitled to make a developer do something they have clearly stated they have no interest in doing.

Think of it this way, since the approach to publishing top quality designs is using piles of software, you’re essentially asking us to put piles of software into Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Scrivener meets you where you are when you are in the process of writing. Scrivener does a phenomenal job of getting words out onto the page and arranged for sense. Layout is not writing.